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Shoeburyness Learning Resource Base

The Local Authority’s Special Educational Needs Panel will consider students with Education Health and Care Plans (EHCP) for admission to the Learning Resource Base and will take into account the following criteria:

  • Progress will be limited and cross most areas of development
  • They are likely to have a significant learning disability
  • They may have significant needs with self-help, personal care and independence skills

Due to medical, sensory or physical needs:

  • They may have significant nursing needs associated with their physical disability or medical conditions. They may require, for example gastrostomy feeds, catheterisation or tracheotomy care, intensive daily heath care input.
  • Students may have deteriorating and life-limiting medical and physical conditions requiring considerable physical and emotional support for themselves and their families.
  • Students may require assistance in relation to their mobility needs, having a low level of independence of mobility; others may develop independence of mobility e.g. through the use of electric wheelchairs.

The curriculum to meet the provision described in students’ statements/Education Health and Care Plans will include:

  • The students will be working with peers, with regular targeted teaching in a small group. 
  • A differentiated curriculum with modified level, pace and approach with access to structured literacy and numeracy programmes as part of delivery of the national curriculum
  • Small group or individual teaching on a daily basis to ensure understanding and to assist in expressing views and to take account of additional difficulties.
  • Programmes and support to develop cognitive skills and reasoning
  • A high level of pastoral support to avoid undue distress and anxiety.
  • Support for practical activities and to assist mobility in class.
  • Materials to facilitate access to the curriculum.

Some students will need emphasis on language, understanding, personal independence and literacy, numeracy and life skills work with:

  • A consistent, structured environment with direct teaching.
  • Core skills will be appropriately differentiated and different methods of delivery will be employed.
  • Older pupils will require greater attention to work skills, personal and social goals and practical applications.

Specialist resources/equipment needed to meet students’ identified needs:

  • Access to ICT and specialises materials as required.
  • Access to specialist advice from within school.
  • Access to high quality technical and curricular aids to extend skills and motivate pupils. Direct teaching schemes, specific specialist programmes for learning needs.
  • Strong community and parent involvement and real-life settings.
  • Access to a withdrawal area and/or sensory room.
  • Buildings that ensure safe mobility and access for students using a variety of equipment including wheelchairs and frames