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School Council

The Shoeburyness High School Council gives the students of Shoeburyness High School a voice in their school and a way to influence and be part of the way their school operates.

The 30+ students who make up this year’s school council are already discussing issues that have been raised to them by their fellow students and have thus decided that their mission for this academic year will be;

To enhance the learning experience of the students in Shoeburyness High School.

The School Council for this year is made up of students from across all year groups meaning that every student at the school will have access to a representative of the school council in their age group for them to raise any issues that they wish to bring to the attention of the school council.

If you are a student and wish to bring an issue to the attention of the school council you can find out who your representatives are by looking at the School Council notice board by the pupil entrance opposite the lower school year manager offices or by keeping an eye out for their school council badges on their blazers. Alternatively you can contact a member of the Extended Schools team in their building. This year the School Council will be working with the Extended Schools Department and will have representatives of School Council involved with some of the yearly community projects that Extended Schools run including Debate Shoeburyness.

Over the academic year the school council will be meeting fortnightly and are looking forward to representing their fellow students and having the opportunity to make an impact on our school.