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Student Leadership

The school has high expectations of all our students in terms of attendance, behaviour and student progress. With approximately 1,800 students and 200 staff it is essential that we work together to create a purposeful and supportive environment in which everyone can succeed. A positive partnership exists between students, parents and teachers which aims to provide opportunities for personal growth and academic success. Students are encouraged to become actively involved in the community life of our school. A range of opportunities and responsibilities exist including becoming:

  • a member of our School Forum
  • a school prefect
  • involved in one of our many successful sports teams
  • a performer in our outstanding school productions, which include national competitions
  • a Peer Mentor

Student Forums 

All young people of Shoeburyness High School are given the opportunity to become part of the Student Forums at the start of the academic year through a democratic process. The successful applicants, elected by their peers then attend specific Forum meetings throughout the year.

There are 5 student forums, Achievement, Wellbeing, Community, Environment, and Leadership which are led and run by the Senior Sixth Form Leadership Team.

The Forums feed back to the rest of the school via the Forum Summit, where they show the work they have done throughout the term.

If you are a student and wish to bring an issue to the attention of the school forums you can find out who the Senior Sixth Form Leaders are by looking at the Student Leadership notice board by the pupil entrance and other displays around the school.

Student Voice 

We also invite a number of students across all year groups to attend a termly Student Voice meeting hosted by a member of the Senior Leadership Team for both staff and students. We discuss various topics regarding the school and respond to the outcomes of the meetings, aiming to ensure the student voice is heard and we are working together to create the purposeful and supportive environment in which everyone can succeed.