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Design and Technology

In Years 7, 8 and 9 pupils follow a course of study specified by the Design and Technology Progression Framework, in which they investigate existing products, looking at the materials and ingredients used and how they are manufactured. They carry out further investigative tasks including market research to draw up a specification for a product that they then design and make, this product is then evaluated against the original specification. Over the course of KS3 pupils learn a range of techniques and processes of increasing difficulty, in order to make high quality end products.

Throughout all years the students are given the opportunity to develop their ability to manufacture products of quality, using both traditional hand tools and more Computer Aided Design and Manufacture (CAD/CAM). 

Within our Food curriculum at KS3, to ensure that everyone who participates in the course is able to gain practical experience the school provides all the ingredients for practical lessons free of charge to the pupils.   Dishes covered include British classics such as scones and International favourites such as chicken stir fry, ratatouille and spaghetti bolognaise.  We are a healthy eating school and this is reflected in the recipes that students use.  At the end of each food unit, students are given a task which requires them to plan and make a healthy dish of their own choice.

J Beuvink

Design and Technology Head of Faculty