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Please note that Shoeburyness High School was subject to a Section 5 inspection by Ofsted on Tuesday 4th and Thursday 5th of June 2024. Full details of the outcome, including a link to the Ofsted report, will be published here in due course.

Following a Section 8 inspection carried out by a team of 3 Inspectors on 10th & 11th May 2023, please see the full published report below.

Highlights from our report include:

  • Pupils are happy at Shoeburyness High School. They feel part of a close community. They appreciate the support they receive to support their well-being. They are positive about the individual guidance they receive when making their plans for the future, which is part of the school’s careers programme.
  • Pupils have a wide range of clubs and activities open to them. These develop their interests and confidence. Clubs and competitions in sport and the performing arts are particularly popular.
  • The majority of pupils behave well and treat each other and adults with respect.
  • Leaders have carefully planned the curriculum. They have identified what pupils need to learn. Subject leaders’ plans are designed to build on pupils’ previous learning.
  • Leaders understand the importance of reading to ensure pupils can successfully access the rest of the curriculum. They identify and assess weaker readers in order to target additional support.
  • The school has specialist staff who cater well for pupils with complex special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND).
  • Sixth Form students are well prepared for the next stage of their education. The curriculum is well matched to students’ needs, and they can study a broad range of subjects. They are expected to study independently, and leaders check that they do so effectively
  • Leaders have put in place a committed and knowledgeable safeguarding team. They swiftly identify safeguarding concerns and work closely with a range of local services to provide support for vulnerable pupils.