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Student Leadership Team

The school has high expectations of all our students in terms of attendance, behaviour and student progress. With approximately 1,800 students and 200 staff it is essential that we work together to create a purposeful and supportive environment in which everyone can succeed. A positive partnership exists between students, parents and teachers which aims to provide opportunities for personal growth and academic success. Students are encouraged to become actively involved in the community life of our school.

Becoming a member of the Student Leadership Team is invaluable for both the students and whole school community.  By empowering our students to work in partnership with all stakeholders enables creativity due to their unique perspective and approach.  Students bring a wealth of experiences, ideas, skills and empathy which positively impacts the progress and development of our school. Students join our school in Year 7 aspiring to become members of our Student Council by being form representatives and prefects, inspired by our Senior Student Leaders who are the school's role models.

Boosting Leadership Skills

Team Building

Bringing a Unique Experience

Inspiring Networking

Setting Role Models

All members of our Sixth Form of Shoeburyness High School are given the opportunity to become part of the Student Leadership Team through a democratic process.

Student leadership Application

The student leadership application process is now open. Please apply if you:

1. Want to make a positive impact on the progress and development of Shoeburyness high School 

2. Enjoy working with fellow students and talking to younger students

3. Can build good working relationships with staff and the wider community

4. Can work well both in a team and independently  

5. Are confident to present ideas and aspirations 

6. Have good time management skills and can balance your commitments

7. Could be role model for our students and an excellent representative for our school

Closing date for applications: APPLICATIONS NOW CLOSED

Please use your school account when opening the application form. 

Thank you to everyone who has applied. Applications are currently being shortlisted and we will be in contact soon.