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Welcome to the English department.

The English department is an energetic, successful and thriving faculty staffed by enthusiastic teachers who share a love of the language as well as a strong desire to see our students achieve success. We pride ourselves in providing a supportive learning environment which has demonstrated continuous growth, development and year on year improvement.

We aim to provide a stimulating learning environment where all students feel comfortable and willing to participate in order to reach their full potential.


Our department utilises a wealth of resources to support learning and encourage pupils to achieve beyond their targets. Pupils have access to interactive resources that are used to support and enhance teaching in lessons – all classrooms are equipped with interactive whiteboards. Our team of teachers use the electronic learning resource ‘Active Teach’ to support the implementation of the new GCSE specification. The program provides a wealth of additional resources, including videos, digital grammar activities, weblinks, PowerPoints and worksheets. Our department LSA team offer one to one tuition as well as group tuition to support specific needs within the classroom. We also have a dedicated team of English mentors who provide timely interventions for students who may be falling below target in the subject or who may need to catch up after absence. 

Key Stage 3

Year 7:

Pupils will study the following over the year:

  • Roald Dahl & Matilda
  • Poetry
  • Magic and Fantasy
  • Short Stories - Fairy tales
  • Enterprise

Year 8:

Pupils will study the following over the year:

  • Murder Mystery
  • Millions (novel)
  • Poetry
  • Different Cultures
  • Private Peaceful: Language & Structure focus
  • Myths and Legends

Year 9:

Pupils will study the following over the year:

  • A View From the Bridge
  • Imaginative Writing: Paper One: Dystopia
  • Language & Structure: Paper One & Two: Gothic
  • Transactional Writing: Travel Writing
  • Of Mice and Men
  • Poetry: GCSE Focus

Lower school pupils are encouraged to study the conventions and language of a variety of genres and then to imitate them in their own writing.

Our Courses

We teach a variety of courses and offer opportunities for pupils to take additional qualifications following their English GCSE.


English Language & Literature (Edexcel)

Key Stage 4

In Year 10, students will start their two year GSCE course. They will have separate teachers for language and literature which will clearly mark the difference between the two subjects and maximise the expertise of the teaching staff. In Year 10 language, students will be introduced to the two exam papers and they will study the skills and methods needed to approach both papers. This will be consolidated in Year 11 and students will sit two mock exams (one of which will be a walkthrough paper) to ensure students are properly prepared and confident heading into their final exams. In Year 10 Literature, students will read fully and study the following texts: Romeo and Juliet and An Inspector Calls (Paper 1) and A Christmas Carol (Paper 2). They will also begin studying their poetry anthology which focuses on the theme of conflict.  In Year 11, the students will complete their anthology while also working on a number of unseen poems. All key texts will be revisited and the students will complete two mocks (one of which will be a walkthrough mock) in the run up to the exams. To summarise, all necessary materials for both GCSEs in English are studied in Year 10, making this a crucial year for the students. Year 11 is then totally focused on consolidation of the timing and skills essential to succeed in the exams. 

Michelle Buck
English Head of Faculty