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Religious Education

GCSE RE has continued for the last 4 years to achieve a 100% pass rate.

In RE we aim to learn from as well as learn about Religion and world faiths. Pupils are encouraged to explore their own ideas & beliefs and consider the faith of others.

Key Stage 3

In year 7 pupils will learn about:

  • Me, myself and I (exploring what it is to be human and how we fit in to the world)

  • Islam

  • The life of Jesus

  • Environmental issues

In year 8 pupils will learn about:

  • Judaism

  • Buddhism

  • Alternative faiths

In year 9 pupils will learn about:

  • Marriage and Relationships

  • Moral issues and Philosophy

  • Sikhism and Hinduism

Key Stage 4

At GCSE pupils follow the AQA Religious Studies specification A. 
Pupils will complete:

Unit 1 study of religion.
This looks at Christianity and Buddhism
For each religion they will look at beliefs and practices. For example death rituals, ideas about life and death, types of worship and work in the community. These ideas are then applied to unit 2.

Unit 2 Thematic Studies.

Four ethical topics are explored and look at religious and non-religious ideas about each area. The topics are Family and Relationships, Life Issues, War and Peace, and Crime and Punishment.
This will cover topics such as abortion, the environment and sexual ethics.

The Exam

2 papers
1 hr 45 mins each
one paper for beliefs and one for themes each worth 50%

Key Stage 5

Students follow the AQA religious studies course.  There are 2 Units of study:
Philosophy and Ethics
Christianity and dialogues

Within philosophy and ethics pupils will cover topics like evil and suffering, free will, situation ethics, animal experimentation and cloning.

In Christianity pupils will explore topics like authority within the church, religious traditions and practices and the role of women within the church. This paper also contains the dialogue section. Students have the opportunity to explore Christianity within philosophy and ethics and make connections between topics and write detailed essays.

The Exam

Two 3 hour papers = 50% each
In Year 12 and 13 all students follow RE in Period 1 with a philosophical or ethical issue for debate.

Rachael Knowlson          R.E Head of Subject

Vicky Gray                        Humanities Head of Faculty