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Incidents of bullying are rare at Shoeburyness High School but we always take any allegations of bullying seriously and will always fully and thoroughly investigate any incident brought to our attention.  We have a rigorous anti-bullying policy (please see below) which is adhered to in any investigation.  Where deemed appropriate, we will involve our School Police Liaison Officer, P C Bonham-Leonard. 

As a further support, our Year 12 and 13 prefects act as mentors for any young people who may benefit from ongoing support from our older students.  Mentors are allocated according to a particular need or skill set; this is decided following a professional dialogue between the relevant Year Managers.  The rationale behind the Post-16 mentoring support programme is:

  • Helping to build the self-esteem and confidence of students
  • Encourage and ensure students know there is help and support for them
  • Educate and increase understanding of the various forms bullying can take and the different ways of tackling them
  • Target bullying and reduce the number of incidents in school
  • Reduce bullying bystanders and encourage witnesses to come forward
  • To adhere to the school’s Anti-bullying policy

Furthermore, we actively participate in local and national events to raise the profile of anti-bullying in our school.  Anti-bullying is covered across the Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 SCOPE curriculum and is annually updated to include current issues such as racism and homophobia.  A member of staff participates in our local anti-bullying forum to represent our school and take part in local activities and events.


With the constant improvements in technology there are many opportunities available to you via the internet through several different areas such as social media e.g. Facebook, Twitter; online forums; chat rooms and online gaming. While these opportunities are an excellent way of finding information and communicating with others, there are also challenges and risks that you need to be aware of. You will learn about the opportunities, challenges and risks that the internet and technology can present to you in a number of lessons during your time at Shoeburyness High School.

If you are worried about your use of technology and the internet you can visit the Think U Know website to find out more about keeping yourself safe online.

You can also visit the Southend-on-sea e-safety website which highlights some of the risks you may find online.

If you are concerned about using aspects of the internet or are worried about something that has happened online then speak to your teacher or parents for advice.